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Steve Edwards

Car & motorcycle accident damage & paintwork repairs, plastic welding, SMART Repairs, TVR & Fibreglass projects
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     Available as lightweight wall hangers, these side-only sections are laminated from the same
     moulds as the miniature cars and feature many of the same details and fittings, such as
     thermoformed lightly smoked Perspex windows and light covers, 3D printed door mirror, headlight, indicator and
     wing repeater.

     All lights can be fitted with bulbs to allow illumination if desired (no electrics supplied).

     Chimaera and Cerbera versions available, and choice of left or right side.

     Hand made and painted in pretty much any available colour you like, using the same quality automotive paint materials used on the real thing,
     and finally flatted and machine polished to an almost glass-like finish.  (Specialist/custom colours at extra cost).

     Can also be supplied as a set of individual parts, in gel coat, for DIY preparation, painting and assembly.

     Perfect for any enthusiasts wall, workshop or man cave.

     Dimensions - aprroximately 5ft 9ins long, and protrudes from the wall approximately 6 inches.

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     Cerbera - DIY parts kit £395.00

(Includes main body section, section of bonnet and boot lid and headlight reflector in gel coat. Front, rear, and side window sections, and rear light cover in lightly smoked perspex, cut to shape with black borders pre-painted. Rubber trim. 3D printed wing repeater and door mirror with mirrored perspex insert. Clear Perspex headlight lens and inner rear light cover. Front indicator. Section of aluminium tube exhaust tip.).

 - Fully assembled and painted £895

     Chimaera - DIY parts kit £365.00

 (Includes main body section, section of bonnet and boot lid and headlight reflector in gel coat. Section of windscreen and rear light cover in lightly smoked Perspex, cut to shape with black border pre-painted. Clear Perspex headlight lens and inner rear light cover, rubber trim, front indicator, piece of canvas for rear deck, section of aluminium exhaust tip).

 - Fully assembled and painted £775 


The DIY option would involve preparing the bare gel coat body pieces, removal of any mould lines and other minor surface imperfections using a thin skim of body filler, attaching and aligning the sections of bonnet and boot lid using hidden brackets, cutting out the headlamp and rear light openings, full preparation, priming painting and clearcoating of all body sections and door mirror, applying carbon vinyl wrap to the 'A' pillar and rear screen trim, bonding and clamping window sections into place, attaching the door mirror (2x screws), preparation, priming, and silvering of the headlamp bowl, bonding the headlamp lens to the bowl and bonding the assembly into the headlight aperture, bonding the front indicator in position, drilling and inserting the wing repeater to the body, 

The tools/consumables required to do this include: Sander and abraisives, face mask, body filler, rubbing block, drill and suitable bits, screwdriver, angle grinder, cutting disc and flap disc, round file, 70mm hole saw, rotary file / Dremmel, all priming and painting materials including aerosol chrome spray, selection of adjustable wood clamps, sealant gun, super glue, sikaflex, masking tape, polishing consumables. 


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