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Steve Edwards

Car & motorcycle accident damage & paintwork repairs, plastic welding, SMART Repairs, TVR & Fibreglass projects
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Most types of fairing damage can be repaired by plastic welding splits and cracks.
It is essential to know the type of plastic the fairing is manufactured from in order to be able to weld it. The reverse side of the fairing should have the plastic ID letters stamped into it, along with other codes, date stamp, and part number.
Older plastics on pre early-90's bikes often dont have the plastic ID letters stamped which makes things a bit trickier as trial and error may be needed to try and identify the plastic.
Typical examples of plastic ID letters are - ABS, PP, PUR, PP/EPDM, as well as others.

When the exact type of plastic is known, correspoding welding strips can be used to weld over the crack and splits. In extreme cases it may also be possible to repair large chunks that have broken away - obviously provided the missing pieces have been saved.


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