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Steve Edwards

Steve has now retired from the motor industry and will no longer be taking on any new projects.
Some content will remain available on here for information only.
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TVR S3 2.9 V6 - Full bodywork renovation.

This TVR S3 came in needing a bit of all-round TLC and had been stored, unused, under an outdoor cover for some time. A brand new fibreglass front end was fitted as the original was showing some damage to the very lower front corner, and although repairable, there were too many accumulated areas of hairline stress cracking over the remainder of the bonnet, all of which would've been very time consuming to rectify.
Although not cheap, It was far more cost effective overall to treat the car to a brand new front end section and devote the time saved into concentrating on the remaining bodywork which was showing general chips, minor scuffs, and a few age-related gel coat cracks here and there. 
The colour was altered to a more modern metallic / pearl green to really show off the cars curves under the sunlight compared to the original flat/solid green.
It was a complete pleasure to breathe new life into this classic TVR and give it the head-turning looks it deserves. 
This car has gone on to win 'Best S3' at the TVR Car Club 'S Club Heaven' national event in 2015 and 2016.
Many thanks to the current owner for providing the pictures of the car on a European tour.


VAUXHALL VX220 - Minor damage repair.

After a glancing blow with motorway debris, this VX had a minor repair to the lower front valance area and rear wing top. The metallic colour was blended in and the panels re-lacquered.


TVR CERBERA - Headlamp bodywork repair.


TVR CHIMAERA - Bodywork repairs and full respray.

This Chimaera arrived needing some bodywork attention to some minor areas of cracking. When stripped back, a poor previous repair was exposed which revealed some inferior products and techniques had been used - none of the underlying damage had been rectified, and all of the existing damaged laminate was still hiding underneath the filler.
As can be seen from the gallery pictures, the repair became a lot more invasive than originally expected and required a large section of the front corner to be cut away for repair.
In this particular case, it was much quicker, easier, and more beneficial for the repair overall, to cut away the damaged corner piece, attend to the damage from the reverse side, and re-graft the piece back in, rather than trying to do the whole thing in-situ.
With the damaged section removed, the ease of access meant that all of the internal surfaces requiring attention could be fully prepared/cleaned up and re-laminated properly.
Other work carried out at the same time included fitting lightly smoked faired-in headlight covers, replacement rear light clusters with new tinted covers, the popular Corrado door mirror conversion, as well as the higher opening boot hinge mod.
After extensive preparation, a full respray in the existing Metallic Silver finished it all off.     


TVR CHIMAERA - Uncovering previous repairs, fibreglass work, faired-in Lupo light conversion and full paintwork strip and respray.

Thankfully, this Chimaera was brought to me just a couple of weeks before the country was plunged into the first Coronavirus lockdown when strict travelling restrictions meant the country mostly ground to a halt. I was able to work on this car in isolation throughout the pandemic, inbetween home-schooling and having to work on evenings and weekends. This meant the work spanned around 9 months.

As the pictures show, the nose of the car had been previously damaged and hidden with filler, topped off with a quick (possibly aerosol) paint job over the repaired areas which had also faded and was microblistering.
Further inspection showed up the previous damage which was badly cracked and split, along with numerous layers of paint - some of which were showing poor adhesion and ended up with the entire car being sanded right back and re-primed.

The Lupo light unts were supported on custom made cradles and securely positioned, before the faired-in covers were tailored to fit perfectly over the top.

Fibreglass repairs were also needed to the rear wing, and after full preparation the entire car was fully re-painted in a more modern darker shade of blue - which is actually an Audi colour used on RS variants.

I take absolutely no credit for the interior trim work which was carried out by an ex-TVR factory trim technician after the bodywork and paintwork was finished, but the picture is included in the gallery to show what a beautiful example this Chimaera really is - possibly one of the very nicest currently around following its full renovation.


NISSAN SKYLINE - Fullbodykit fitting and three-stage pearl respray.

This project involved grafting wider wing extensions onto the quarter panels, and replacing the front wings with fibreglass items along with new fibreglass bumpers. A lot of time was spent shaping the bodywork and making the kit look seamless. The icing on the cake was a full respray in Aston Martin pearl white.


Audi TT - Bodykit fitting and painting.

Fibreglass front and rear bumpers, as well as side skirts fitted and painted with black inserts.


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