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Steve Edwards

Car & motorcycle accident damage & paintwork repairs, plastic welding, SMART Repairs, TVR & Fibreglass projects
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TVR S3 2.9 V6 - Full bodywork renovation.

This TVR S3 came in needing a bit of all-round TLC and had been stored, unused, under an outdoor cover for some time. A brand new fibreglass front end was fitted as the original was showing some damage to the very lower front corner, and although repairable, there were too many accumulated areas of hairline stress cracking, all of which would've been very time consuming to rectify.
Although not cheap, It was far more cost effective overall to treat the car to a brand new front end section and devote the time saved into concentrating on the remaining bodywork which was showing general chips, minor scuffs, and a few age-related gel coat cracks here and there. 
The colour was altered to a more modern metallic / pearl green to really show off the cars curves under the sunlight compared to the original flat/solid green.
It was a complete pleasure to breathe new life into this classic TVR and give it the head-turning looks it deserves. 
This car has gone on to win 'Best S3' at the TVR Car Club 'S Club Heaven' national event in 2015 and 2016.
Many thanks to the current owner for providing the pictures of the car on a European tour.


VAUXHALL VX220 - Minor damage repair.

After a glancing blow with motorway debris, this VX had a minor repair to the lower front valance area and rear wing top. The metallic colour was blended in and the panels re-lacquered.


TVR CERBERA - Headlamp bodywork repair.


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