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Steve Edwards

Car & motorcycle accident damage & paintwork repairs, plastic welding, SMART Repairs, TVR & Fibreglass projects
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MERCEDES SLK - Corrosion repairs and paintwork.

Although great cars, these R170 SLK's are known to suffer in certain areas from corrosion and this particular example needed attention to all four wheel arches as well the the drivers side inner wing as shown in the pictures.
A second-hand wing was obtained as the old one would have been uneconomical to repair.
After painting down both sides the car was back in great condition and ready to enjoy the summer.


AK COBRA - Full bodywork preparation and paintwork.

The owner of this excellent kit had spent several years lovingly building it in his garage. When the cobra arrived it was a fully rolling chassis with all the mechanicals finished and just the exterior bodywork and painting required to get it completed.
A great deal of time was spent profiling the fibreglass body and getting the panel tolerances as close as possible. Yellow 2-pack primer was also used to aid coverage of the exterior coats as well as avoid any unsightly stone chips over time.
The final colour scheme is Porsche Yellow with black stripes - carefully rubbed back to remove masking edges and fully lacquered over to create a smooth / seamless surface.

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