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This boot hinge conversion has been developed to increase the opening height of the boot lids on Chimaera's produced up to around 1998 and utilises a pair of modified VW Lupo bonnet hinges.

The Lupo bonnet hinges are ideal because of their sturdy construction, compact size (space is very restricted in the boot aperture around the hinge area) and because of their cantilever action which is very similar in principle to TVR's later type hinges which in addition to allowing the hinges to extend much higher, also tilts the rear edge of the boot lid away from the rear deck to avoid any clearance issues. 

The hinges are significantly modified, only the main pivot points are carried over, with all the unecessary metal cut away and additional flanges welded in place for them to fit in position nicely within the Chimaera's boot aperture dimensions.
A simple jig has been fabricated to hold the hinges in a set position whilst welding the additional flanges to them, so they should be reliably consistent and more or less a straight fit once the underside of the boot lid has been adapted to suit. Thanks to the jig, I can supply these hinges already pre-fabricated with the welded flanges in position, ready to be fitted in the boot aperture and aligned.  
Full detailed instructions are provided on the work needed, which as mentioned will involve some fibreglass re-shaping and strengthening to the underside of the boot lid, before being repainted matt black as shown in the pictures below. 
The last job is to align the boot lid on the new hinges, adding or removing packings to get the boot lid flush to the rear wings with even panel gaps. This will vary slightly from car to car, but is simple to do with a bit of patience.

A sliding boot stay, similar to those used on Cobra's, can be used rather than a gas strut to avoid the drivers side of the boot lid being forced proud of the rear wing.

Overall this is a very straightforward conversion to carry out and should be well within the capabilities of a competent DIY'er.

The gallery below shows a general summary of the various stages.

More comprehensive step-by-step instructions to follow when development is complete.




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