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Steve Edwards

Car & motorcycle accident damage & paintwork repairs, plastic welding, SMART Repairs, TVR & Fibreglass projects
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1929 AUSTIN A7 - Bodywork preparation and paintwork

This Austin A7 was a pleasure to work on, and it came with a very interesting story.
The present owner bought the car more than 60 years ago and it was stripped down for repairs not long after he purchased it.
It remained in a state of disrepair over the decades and previous attempts to restore it had suffered some major setbacks - the car had been involved in two separate garage fires over the years and badly damaged on each occasion.
Fast-forward to 2014 and i was approached with a view to finally getting the car finished off for the owner to finally enjoy.
A lot of the aluminium bodywork had already been replaced with new panels, the remaining parts needed fully stripping back to a sound surface, and the whole lot required filling and shaping where necessary before being primed and painted in the original dark blue with black wheel arches as pictured.


JAGUAR XK8 - Accident Repair.

Following an unfortunate accident this Jaguar was economically repaired using second-hand parts including the wing and bumper, headlamp, and other associated trim and fittings.
A full respray finished the whole thing off and got the big cat gleaming again.


SKODA FABIA - Side Repair.

This side scrape had distorted a large area of the door skin. After careful filling and reshaping, the damaged areas were primed and basecoated - blending the colour into the adjacent panels, to produce a seemless repair.


SEAT IBIZA - Front end damage.

Following a bumper scrape, and roof tiles falling onto the bonnet during bad weather, this Ibiza needed damage repairing before being returned to the finance company.



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