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Steve Edwards

Car & motorcycle accident damage & paintwork repairs, plastic welding, SMART Repairs, TVR & Fibreglass projects
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Some types of alloy wheel refurbishment can be caried out, but owing to the various different styles of alloy, the type of damage, and the type of finish, some other processes may be needed which i dont provide.
In such cases recommendations can be given for other specialists who can help.
The main options are powder coating, wet-spraying, or in some cases diamond cutting. Wet-spraying is the only type of refubishment I offer and is only suitable in certain cases.

Generally speaking any alloy that has been previously refurbished, has flaking paint, or is showing ANY signs of corrosion should be fully shot blasted back to bare alloy and powder coated.
In most cases this is the only process that is required and the wheels can be refitted to the car, however, powder coating can sometimes be a little 'orange peely' and may not be suitable as a final finish on high-end cars or show vehicles.
This is where i can help - If the style of wheel allows (not intricate multispoke design) then the face of the alloy can be prepared over the top of the powder coat (which acts as a tough undercoat) and the spoke faces painted and lacquered in glossy 2-pack to provide a final finish.
Overall this can become a little costly as it is one refurbishment process over the top of another, but can be beneficial where surface finish is a priority. This kind of pre-powdered/final paint refurbishment is usually only carried out on expensive high-end alloys that justify the extra time and cost.

In the case of machine / diamond cut alloys they will need sending to an engineering facility to be re-machined which will remove any surface damage before being re-lacquered. 

Minor scuffing to alloy wheels can usually be rectified by wet-spraying - either by refurbishing the whole wheel if the style of alloy allows it, or in some cases by a more locallised repair involving blowing-in small areas to save cost.


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